co-designing digital health & wellbeing

Digital leadership – kill or cure?

Is there such a thing as digital leadership? This article for the Harvard Business Review makes the case for it and this online course says it will teach you the requisite skills. But is there anything qualitatively different to being a leader and to being a digital leader? This question has been on my mind […]

15 top tips for co-design in digital health

The mHabitat team are currently running a Digital Development Lab on behalf of NHS England for a small group of innovators who have developed promising digital innovations for young people’s mental health. We are helping them travel the journey from development through to adoption within the NHS. We recently brought our lovely band of innovators […]

What has frugal innovation got to offer the NHS, social care and wider public sector? This is a question we will be debating at our People Drive Digital #PDDigital16 festival on the evening of 28 November at the Open Data Institute in Leeds. One of our debaters is Jaideep Prabhu who is professor of Indian […]

What are mental health practitioner attitudes towards digital?

The use of digital technologies such as Internet sites and mobile applications, have received much hype in recent years, both in mental health and the NHS more widely. Opinions on these technologies vary; and those at either ends of the viewpoint spectrum see them as either a panacea to overstretched services or as undermining the primacy […]

China cups and therapy dogs with a dash of teal

What do china cups, therapy dogs and self-managing teams have in common? Well, quite a bit it turns out… It all began at an Improvement Academy Fellows event some months back where consultant physician Dr Rod Kersh and I had a serendipitous conversation about self-managing teams in healthcare based on a model known as Teal. […]

The next Uber for healthcare

‘This app is basically the next Uber for healthcare’ A web search for the phrase uber for healthcare yields around 11,100,000 hits along with a plethora of suggested related searches. Uber has become shorthand for customer convenience and the disruption of established markets. It seems many people are looking for the lucrative uber for healthcare […]