Me, myself, I #TheProfileProject #9

Me, myself, I #TheProfileProject #9

Anne Cooper tells the story behind her Twitter profile:

“Even when I first started my Twitter journey my profile picture was one of me….. me, myself, I. (I just love this song by Joan Armatrading and the words are fab.)

“I believe that on social media presenting oneself as a real person works best.  I get such a tremendous response to those blogs and posts that are about more than my ‘professional self’; I think people identify more with the whole view of me.  So decided that it was a real me they should see.

“However, I do chose the best ones. Not photographs I hate but those that I think are flattering too. Ha! You caught me – I am vain too.  Perhaps a slightly varnished presentation of me!

“When it was the year of my 50th birthday I did do a little experiment – I aged myself via my profile picture.  I started with the picture of me at my youngest and aged myself gradually over the year, ending with one of me at 50.  I loved doing it and it did create some interesting conversations but I think some people found it confusing – shape shifting.  I realised that a clear picture that was identifiable might be important so I have changed less frequently and have tried to maintain a real and realistic (if flattering) picture since then.  I want to be identifiable and real to people I talk to.

“Me, myself, I – that’s it for me.”

You can find out more about #TheProfileProject here and connect on Twitter @Profile_Project.

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