#DigitalMH13 live blog – 20 June 2013

#DigitalMH13 live blog – 20 June 2013

Below is a live blog of our Digital Innovation in Health event. You can find a storify of all the #DigitalMH13 tweets here. You can find analytics of our Twitter reach via Symplur here.

4.00 – event drawing to an end – do check out #DigitalMH13 to see the conversations on Twitter 🙂

2.45 – Mike summing up the day and reminding us we are each responsible for taking learning away, as well as building on ideas and relationships we have generated. Victoria thanks everyone for coming along and asks people to give feedback to help thinking about future events – if we should have them and, if so, how they would work best. Charlie tells the group he is planning to continue conversations on his Digital First LinkedIn group. Now time for more chatting and networking…




2.25 – lots of fascinating conversations have been taking place and now time to pull everyone together to look at the gallery of illustrations / records before we get to the informal part of the day where people decide if/what/how they want to take things forward.

1.20 – conversations for this afternoon agreed and the themes are… (1) peer support training and development for digital (2) process of doing a digital project (3) does the NHS get it? (4) disruption of professional boundaries (5) digital innovation globally (6) big data (7) social media, technology and social exclusion (8) telehealth.

 1.00 – back from lunch and negotiating the next set of conversations for the afternoon.








12.00 – coming back together for a gallery walk of an illustrated summary of people’s conversations, courtesy of our graphic facilitator,  Tom Bailey. Above is my favourite one which captures people’s experience of some organisational approaches to social media

11.15 – above are the conversations taking place now.

10.45 – group now deciding the conversations they want to have in the first section of the day – lots of scratching of heads and negotiation about to start

10.30 – Mike cruelly making everyone introduce themselves and their interests – great to see so many people in the room: people with lived experience of mental health issues, nurses, GPs, tech people, used-led organisations, communications people, enterprises, students, project managers, tele-health people, national charities,  digital consultancies, @MHNursechat, council workers, NHS, counsellors, therapists, trainers, innovators, researchers, academics, NHS Choices, IT people, employment workers, mental health promotion people and social investors – wow! great mix of people for rich conversations.

10.15 – Charlie, Mike and Victoria kicking off the day – an open space event for people to share ideas, have fun and learn from each other. The idea for our event came from a chance meeting between Charlie and Victoria at a conference and we want to replicate that sense of serendipity with a participant-led day including a fantastic diverse group of people coming up with digital innovations in relation to mental health.

Hi everyone, I’ll be blogging periodically throughout the day at our #DigitalMH13 unconference – exploring digital innovation in mental health.

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  1. what an amazing mix of skills and interest!

  2. Thank you so much for today, I really enjoyed getting to mix with a varied group of people with different opinions & views. Apologies in advance for the amount I will be hassling you re. dissertation 😉


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