*I was angry, very angry* #TheProfileProject #4

*I was angry, very angry* #TheProfileProject #4

Sue Sibbald tells the story behind her Twitter profile: “I was angry, very angry because a psychiatrist had told me I had a diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder but the therapy I thought would help me was not available to me. My local mental health NHS trust did not provide it.

“I was on Facebook at the time and discovered many other people could not access therapy of any sort all over the country so I decided to get active and set up a Facebook page to try to campaign for better services. I thought better to channel my anger in a productive way.

“I thought up the name one Sunday afternoon, it was a bit of a eureka moment – Borderline Personality Disorder Fighting For Services or ( For F***s sake) It still makes me giggle because it’s a bit naughty, provocative, challenging.

“I soon went on to Twitter and began to tweet about the lack of services and in doing so made friends. I found my peers and that mattered.

“I decided to use the fist as my avi as it signified the fight, against lots of odds and it just felt right. I think it showed my anger also that was bubbling up inside. I often say I am driven by my anger or how unfair life can, be but I change it into something positive.

“A funny story – the first fist I used I nicked from somewhere but the guy found out so my now wife Julie made this one for me.

“I subsequently set up a tweetchat  called #BPDChat and this is still going and will be four years old in March. I am seen on there most weeks. I think as my avi is a really distinctive bright red, this means people recognise me.

“I have never changed my avi. I think it is a part of who I am on Twitter and partly in life as my job is helping people and their families and friends with BPD. I also continue to fight for services on and offline.

“I never thought I would end up where I am today. When I created my avi I was just a single person shouting in to a void, but I have made so many connections with my peers and Health care professionals that if I think about it I cry.

“I think I have changed things for people particularly in Sheffield and I am hoping nationally now as I am a member of the national Personality Disorder Commisson.

“My avi is special to me. It shouts out change is a coming ….”

You can find out more about #TheProfileProject here and connect on Twitter @Profile_Project.

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