“My profile works as a sort of filter” #TheProfileProject #7

“My profile works as a sort of filter” #TheProfileProject #7

@gopaldass AKA Abhay Adhikari tells the story behind his choice of Twitter profile pictures:

FullSizeRender (7)“At the moment, my Twitter profile picture is of me cycling into the horizon, without a care in the world!  My account is a personal and professional space and my profile picture reflects this. It also serves as a personal reminder that I shouldn’t take myself too seriously and that I should take time to reflect on what others say. So much of social media is reactionary.

“My picture changes quite often. Say, every couple of weeks. Every now and then I upload a profile picture that may indicate what I do for a living and where I live. For the most part, my profile picture is a reflection of how I am feeling and whether I want to actively connect with people at that point in time. By not giving it all away, I think my profile works as a sort of filter – engaging people who are curious, open minded and open to a chat. So far this approach as worked as I have met a lot of interesting people (in real life) via social media and this has allowed me to launch Digital Identity projects from Stockholm to Delhi!”

You can find out more about #TheProfileProject here and connect on Twitter @Profile_Project.

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