#PdDigital15 – next steps in serendipity

#PdDigital15 – next steps in serendipity

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Towards the end of 2014 a question start niggling, and then an idea started brewing, and then that idea emerged into a fully formed thing (well an event to be precise) in May. You can find out more about #PdDigital15 and where it all started here.

There wasn’t a grand plan for #PdDigital15 and its meandering journey has been informed as much by serendipity as by design. At the core of this path has been the central question:

How can we unleash people driven digital health and wellbeing?

It was this question that framed #PdDigital15 the event and it is also at the heart of the white paper that Michael Seres and I launched at a breakfast session at the King’s Fund Digital Health and Care Congress today. You can find my Prezi presentation here.

The central point Michael and I endeavoured to convey is the message that burst out of #PdDigital15 conversations loud and clear – there is a groundswell of people who want to influence, collaborate, inform and codesign digital in health and care; there is need to balance regulation with support for creativity and ground up innovation; the system needs to recognise, support and enable this to happen but not dominate or own it; tensions between the disruptive potential of people led digital and the more conservative tendencies of services need to acknowledged and power shared.

You can find the white paper and summary version here.

We are taking our learning on tour during the rest of this year and if you’d like it to drop in to your event then do get in touch.

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