The World of Mentalists – my guest post

The World of Mentalists – my guest post

I was recently delighted to be asked to be a judge by The World of Mentalists (TWOM) for their annual blog awards. They describe themselves in the following way:

The World of Mentalists is a e-zine of news, commentary and blog digests in the arena of mental health.

Our blog digests are known as This Week in Mentalists (TWIM), a feature which been a fixture of the mental health blogosphere for several years. It was initially hosted at the late Mental Nurse blog, and latterly at The Madosphere, which is also dearly departed.

TWIM is a weekly digest of selected writings from blogs across the Madosphere, our affectionate name for the mental health blogosphere. It is published on Saturday or Sunday, along with relevant news stories from that week. Although this blog is based in the UK, we try to keep the focus as international as possible.

A group of volunteer authors take it in turns to write the digests, which enables a wide base of mental health blogs to be reviewed. We cover blogs from professionals and patients alike, although they should not be commercial in nature (ads are fine; a blog that has the primary function of promoting a business is not). Now and again you may even find writings from people who fall into both brackets ;)

We also, at the suggestion of a site user, cover a range of relevant issues for the purposes of news, commentary, debate and even just for a laugh. Anything related to mental health is fair game – welfare, diagnosis, therapy, professional frameworks, stigma, you name it.

As a judge, I had fun puting together a This Week in Mentalists (TWIM) round up of the madosphere for the week ending Sunday 2 December 2012.

You can find it here



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